Set-up SpiderOak on CentOS

Download the relevant SpiderOak binary – for the 32-bit Fedora installer it’s:



sudo yum install spideroak-download-file.rpm

Set up, using interactive mode

/usr/bin/SpiderOak --setup=-

Enter details and protect your data!

Use cron to run this command as frequently as necessary

/usr/bin/SpiderOak --batchmode

403 errors with Apache

Here’s an issue that almost stopped this blog from going up:

You’ve set up a shiny new webserver, installed php, mysql, and it all seems to be going swimmingly.  You’ve even created phpinfo() file and everything seems to be working.

Then you copy something into the html folder, and just get endless 403 errors when trying to access it.

So you faff around with permissions, users, groups.  No change, nothing works.

In my case, SELinux was the devil here.

This ServerFault post shows how to fix it
ServerFault: Completely random 403 errors despite explicit Allow from all

and for more info:
CentOS Wiki: HowTos > SELinux