List all the files in a windows directory

Ever wanted to list all the files in a directory tree – I tend to find this useful when checking if there’s anything in a mass of automatically generated directories

Use this command:

dir /S /A:-D /B

Here’s what the switches mean:

Look in all subdirectories
Don’t show subdirectories in the list of files
Bare Format. Just shows the path, no extra information

Updating WordPress

Updating wordpress:

mkdir ~/temp
cd ~/temp/
tar -xzvf latest.tar.gz

cd /var/www/html/

sudo rm -Rf wp-admin/
sudo rm -Rf wp-includes/

sudo cp -R ~/temp/wordpress/wp-admin/ .
sudo cp -R ~/temp/wordpress/wp-includes/ .

rsync -vcrultO ~/temp/wordpress/wp-content/ wp-content/

sudo chgrp -R apache .
sudo chown -R apache .

rsync -nvcrultO --exclude 'wp-content' --exclude 'wp-includes' --exclude 'wp-admin' ~/temp/wordpress/* .

Set-up SpiderOak on CentOS

Download the relevant SpiderOak binary – for the 32-bit Fedora installer it’s:



sudo yum install spideroak-download-file.rpm

Set up, using interactive mode

/usr/bin/SpiderOak --setup=-

Enter details and protect your data!

Use cron to run this command as frequently as necessary

/usr/bin/SpiderOak --batchmode